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What is a Creative Agency and Why Should You Use One?

Creative Agency

There’s no escaping the fact that the internet is a major factor in almost everything we do today.  For a business of all sizes, this means that the internet can be anything from a useful way to connect with customers to the heart of their business.  Whatever the case, everything the business does on the internet should have a certain look and style and this is where a creative agency comes in.  But what are they and why would your business use one?

What they do

What these businesses do can vary a little from one company to another.  For example, a creative agency in London may list certain services that aren’t offered by one in Manchester.  But the general view of a creative agency is that they are the people that create and design your part of the internet – this includes the company website, social media platforms and can include areas such as email and print design as well as advertising content and appearance.

At the heart of this work is the concept of branding, a major talking point in internet design at the moment.  The creative agency can help a business create a brand and then transfer that brand to everything they do.  Good branding is the way a business gets a customer to stay on their website for more than the three seconds it takes to read a headline or a product title.  It is also the way that a company gets customers to read an email or click an advert.

Why branding matters

Good branding is crucial for business success because it is the strong foundation on which all work is done.  Professional looking websites, social media platforms and other communications instil confidence in people – we are a very visual species and we make snap judgements based on what things look like.

Therefore, by creating a solid, quality look for a business, you can become recognisable to customers.  They might see your latest Facebook update and recognise the brand from their shopping experience on your website.  They are then more likely to engage with it and even share it on to their friends in the internet version of word of mouth.

A consistent approach to all interactions on the internet makes people think that the brand is trustworthy and serious about their business – even if they use a little humour in their branding!  A good brand attracts attention and reassures people that the company is a legitimate one, with good quality services or products and plays down the nagging fear of untrustworthy companies or scams that we all have on the internet.

Why use a creative agency?

Now there are lots of great pieces of software out there that allow you to make some elements of branding yourself.  And if you have graphic design talents then you can probably do a bit more.  But there is no substitute for the professional standard that a creative agency can offer.  And by using a creative agency in London if you live in the city, you can even meet up with them, go over things in person.

Another advantage of the creative agency is that they are at the cutting edge of things.  These people know the latest technology to use, trends to include and are constantly dealing with the real world application of their designs.  It takes time to learn all of this and when you are running a business, you often don’t have the time to get up to speed on all these additional areas.

Choosing an agency to work with

So you have decided that you want to work with a creative agency – but which one?  There are some solid tips to help you make that decision but much of it is down to how you feel.  Are you comfortable with the people at the agency?  Do they ‘get’ what you want?

Look at their portfolio and the work that they have done in the past – does it resonate with you?  Can you use ideas from it to inspire your own website?  Look at their workload and how much time and manpower they can dedicate to you.  A good balance is an agency with lots of ongoing work but also time to give your project the attention it deserves.

Whether you have a firm idea of what your branding should involve or are happy to let the experts take over, working with a creative agency is definitely the best approach to getting it right.  That way, your business will be recognisable, trustworthy and everything will look great.

What is Digital Marketing – The In’s & Out’s

What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a blanket term for a large group of marketing professions relying on the use of digital technology to leverage exposure. When talking in general, digital marketing is a service, brand or product promotion via different forms of electronic media. Activities of digital marketing includes:

  • SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • Content marketing
  • Content automation
  • Social media marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Search marketing

Digital marketing is affordable for every organisation and it is widely used by marketing and pr agencies. The internet age and growth of mobile devices has lead to creation of new methods of marketing. Social networks open great possibilities for traditional marketers to us as a new source of attaining international appeal. In this sense the Internet offers a variety of applications which can be used to distribute information or market a product and all that plus being able to interact with your customers.

To understand what is digital marketing, it might be useful to firstly understand what is not. Traditional marketing channels include TV, newspapers, magazines, billboards, leaflets, etc so essentially you can say that digital marketing is marketing on a non physical platform. The drawback of traditional marketing are a lack of communication with potential customers and not being able to have real time interaction, therefore this form of advertising is not as effective in modern age where customer opinion matters greatly to a company’s success. Traditional marketing simply doesn’t facilitate a 2 way communication channel between customer and businesses making it very linear. With this in mind i read via Agency Inc blog that the main difference of the two types is that, traditional marketing nowadays tend to aim at impressing the customer while digital media aims at creating an interactive dialogue.

What is Digital Marketing

Why do you need digital marketing?

Comparing to traditional, digital marketing allows to analyse organisation’s advertising campaigns in real time, therefore it allows to understand fast what works better and what’s not working. This type of marketing allows potential customers to access information whenever and wherever they want it. Digital media is a fast growing field, and majority of your customers probably use a certain type of device to access it. So customers are able to get a broader variety of opinions about your business or organisation, not just your company’s sales line. People need brands they trust, so more likely they will believe other existing customer’s opinions than yours.

Companies need to analyse the number of interaction in social media, for example downloads of apps, retweets in Twitter, likes if Facebook, number of subscriptions and many other.The more interaction you get, the better position you will get in search engines and the more secondary clients (the ones which are not yet your clients or your social media subscribers) will know about your organisation. Digital marketing channels are important, however the main work is on the marketer. Marketer needs to know everything possible about potential clients, this is where social networks can come in handy, it allows for marketer to learn about their tastes and preferences through creative social dialogues. That might help significantly in engaging in communication with buyer as well as this information can help to create more relevant SEO saturated content. Working with social networks might even require an audience analysis, large companies do it often as knowing your audience is one of keys to better results.

After you finished audience analysis, building a digital marketing strategy would be an ideal start for a fast growing company as well as for those which don’t know where to start with. It is simple to create a digital marketing plan as it is cheap and accessible for all sort of businesses. In fact many digital marketing opportunities are free and are open for anyone to try. Take SEO for example, according to Paul Gordon & many other it is one of the most effective method of attaining organic traffic to a website, and it is a completely free medium of digital marketing. Digital marketing is also particularly helpful for growing businesses as it has a lot of potential to grow a company in a very short amount of time given the marketer knows how to interact with their audience effectively.