The 5 Most Romantic Hotels in the World

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The 5 Most Romantic Hotels in the World

Paris – Hotel de Grands Hommes

What makes a romantic hotel?  Is it the city in which it is located or the hotel itself?  The answer to the question varies from couple to couple depending on your tastes.  But there are some spots around the world that almost everyone can agree are among the most romantic.  Here are a few to inspire your next special getaway for the two of you.

Paris – Hotel de Grands Hommes

For romantic getaways, Paris is often top of the list and being such a short trip from the UK adds to its appeal for a weekend or a few days away.  The city has many romantic spots and iconic buildings to enjoy visiting together while the cuisine is world-famous and so are the theatres and shows.

Hotel de Grands Hommes is in the Latin Quarter and is a boutique hotel that has a classic look to it but plush and relaxing bedrooms made for those late nights or lie-ins.  Check out the Neo-Classical wall coverings and very comfortable Empire sofas.

Venice – Ca Maria Adele

Venice is definitely a city that is high on the list of the most romantic with its beautiful buildings and canals – it was good enough for George Clooney for his wedding in 2014 so there’s got to be something about the place!

Ca Maria Adele is a small hotel that has five deluxe rooms and two top floor suits with each having their own concept design.  The hotel is the classic Gothic Venetian style and is very much an adults-only affair so don’t be afraid to stock up from before spending the night there – no-one will frown!

Marrakech – Royal Mansour

Known as the Pink City, Marrakech has been a traveller’s paradise for hundreds of years and has a theatrical feel to it as if you have stepped into the set of a movie.  With its mudbrick riads and vintage Art Deco hotels, the city has something for all tastes.

The Royal Mansour was created as a mini-medina with 53 two storey villas all set in manicured gardens filled with fountains and lily ponds.  Each room has carved cedarwood, stained glass, inlaid marquetry and all the finest modern touches.

Florence – Villa Cora

Florence was the site of the birth of the Renaissance and much of the city comes from this time with its amazing artworks, beautiful cathedral and iconic locations such as the Ponte Vecchio.  The food, too, is worth the trip alone while many wines come from the immediate region.

Villa Cora is a relative newcomer to the high-end hotel range in the city but has instantly become a favourite place, especially for romantic getaways.  It has a 19th century villa at the heart of the complex and offers stunning views across the countryside while offering all the best modern conveniences.

New York – The Carlyle

New York – The Carlyle

New York is a must-see city in the USA that has something going on all of the time so there’s no best or worst time to visit.  You can climb the Empire State Building, visit the Statue of Liberty and do lots of shopping as well as try amazing restaurants and take in a show.

The Carlyle was the favourite hotel of Princess Diana when she visited the city and is a 35 storey Beaux Arts building that has 188 Art Deco styled rooms.  The Bemelmans Bar is a classic cocktail lounge while the Café Carlyle is the place where you can see Woody Allen playing the clarinet on a Monday night.

The perfect getaway

These five cities all have one thing in common – they can cater to any taste, offer a wide range of experiences and allow you to make the romantic getaway perfectly suited to both of your tastes.  The hardest part can be choosing just one.

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